How to distribute the value of line item equally.


I have 2 line items where in one is Boolean and other is numeric(percentage format). if the Boolean item is checked for that property then the value has to be zero for that particular property and its value to be equally distributed to the other properties.


for ex: In the screenshot the %alloc of the property 1 is 10% if its sold the 10% should be equally allocated to other properties and property 1 should become 0%.


Any suggestions on how to do this.



Riyaz Pasha

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  • @riyazpasha 

    Awesome! How about one of these idea:

    • Use Breakback
    • Use a System Module

    BreakBack - use breakback if you need the allocated value to be editable.


    Here, I edit the parent "300" and it automatically allocates evenly since all the child records are zero.



    Use A System Module.

    • Create a system module for your child list
    • Add a list formatted line item for the PARENT
    • Add a counter so we can sum up the children reporting to the PARENT. Put a "1" in the formula and call it "Count" (sorry, I didn't show this line item below)


    In your planning module use the aggregate values from your system module to properly allocate evenly to the children.


    Stand up and Cheer!! You did it!



    System Module


  • @riyazpasha 

    Great question! One that Anaplan has two answers for.

    • You can always use breakback and seed the lower level with your percentages.
    • Try using the PROFILE functionality.

    Let me know if you need an example! You got this!

  • Hi @JaredDolich ,

    Thanks for Quick reply.

    I guess the profile function would not work in my scenario because profile function needs a value but in my scenario its percentage that has to be redistributed to other properties equally.

    If you could give an example that would help me a lot. 




    Riyaz Pasha