How to get Current Fiscal Year from Time, as a number, when Current Period is not set in the model


Hi, can I get help in how to derive Current Fiscal Year, set in Time, as a number when Current Period is not set in the model?


I see how to get year if Current Period is set with year(currentperiodstart()), but what to do when it's not used?  We currently have a line item in a Time Filter module that requires the year to be input. I'd like to automate this based on the FY in Time so we dont forget to update this possible-simply?  It's not a big deal to input, but...



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  • rob_marshall



    So, without using the current period in the Time settings, no.  But, what you can do, create an Anaplan Connect script that uploads todays date into a line item every. day, then you can turn that into your year.  Also, the way that is shown and done, I would have done that differently and not hardcoded that line item to a year, in your case 2020.  Instead, have that as an input on an Admin dashboard so it is easier to change.


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  • Thanks for the quick reply!


    That stinks, we should be able to reference, just like the current period. Maybe I'll submit for enhancement...I cant believe if no one else has requested it prior.


    That was the reason for my post, I dont want this to be hardcoded. But, loading the day daily sounds like more work than desired. It wouldnt be correct for the first few months of the year, when the old year is not yet closed.  For example, we are just switching to FY21 now.-- end of Feb.. 😞




  • @vazqulu1 


    Oh, it has been requested (having a line item figuring out what today is), but it is a bit more complex than what people think.  You have to take into consideration time zones as well as what is the date if you restore a model (is it still todays date or is it the date of when it was restored, etc.). With that said, it is on the roadmap, hopefully it will come out in the near future.