Level 2 - Sprint 2 : Update Historic Volumes


I am stuck at step: Update Historic Volumes for Baseline Forecast 
I can't deduce the formula for "Offset Volumes for 1st Forecast Year" because I don't know the formula of
"1st Forecast Year?"

Would you please know the formula for "1st Forecast Year?"

Could you help me please
Thank you



  • @chahiry 

    You bet. It's not obvious but the intention is that you'll discover the YEARVALUE function in Anapedia. 

    The 1st Forecast Year will use this function but in conjunction with the Current Period? Boolean line item. Watch out though! Current Period? should be using the ANY Summary. That's how you get the Yearly value because the ANY function will aggregate the Boolean so that if any periods have the Current Period? as TRUE then that Year must also be TRUE. The YEARVALUE function grabs the year value, like magic! Your formula will look like this YEARVALUE(Current Period?)

    Hope that helps!