Lookup Demo App


While seeing the Level 1 training, I came up with the LOOKUP demo app. But I couldn't locate it in the app hub. Where can I download it?


  • @VSekar 

    Cool. Would love to see that too. Can you share the page you saw the demo mentioned? I'll hunt it down. In the meantime, here's a model you can download to get some practice.


    Also, this video on LOOKUP is pretty good.



  • VSekar

    Hi Jared, 


    Thank you for taking the time and replying to my query. I have attached the screenshot where I am seeing that VLOOKUP Demo app in lesson 9. Perhaps I am wrong that am expecting that demo app somewhere and it need not be. The reason which made to expect that was lesson 8. In lesson 8, they discussed the 'SUM Demo' app and provided a link to download that. In the same way, I was expecting to download for 'VLOOKUP Demo' as well. 


    From Lesson 8: (I have downloaded the 'SUM Demo Model')



    From Lesson 9: (I was expecting to download 'LOOKUP Demo') 



    Anyhow, I a comfortable with these functions, and thank you for providing me with the link to download the 'Modelling Examples' app. 

  • I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.