Search an item in Module in a specific range

  • Module dimension: Department, Country
  • Line item: User Name.  (Formatted with a fake User List)

I'd like to get all unique User Names from a specific Department 'ABC' and ALL Countries, with these unique user names, I'll able to build a list. 


I tried to create a subsidiary view in the module, dimensioned with fake User List, the new line item formatted Boolean called IsFirst?=isfirstoccurrence(User Name [Select: Department.ABC], fake User List)

However the result is not correct, all value is FALSE. 

I also tried to use system Users instead of fake User List for the ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE, the feedback was Invalid use of 'Users' list with function 'ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE'


Given ranges, Do we have any formula in Anaplan allowing to directly retrieve all unique items from a specific line item. Is there anyother way to solve the problem?  


Thanks in advance! 

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  • hari.prasad
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    Hi Sarah,


    Use X[ANY] function in the user dimension module to connect with DSS Email Receiver Setup module, to identify the unique user list.

    Then you can create a saved view in user dimension module and use that view to setup your subset by using import action.



    Hari Prasad M


  • Misbah



    If I may, what are you trying to achieve?

  • Hi @Misbah , thanks for your response.  I'd like to get all unique Users from the Line item 'User Name' from the specific Department 'ABC' and ALL Countries. 

  • @SaraBTIT 

    You are almost there.


    The only dimension you need is the FAKE USER list. Create list formatted line items for DEPARTMENT and COUNTRY. 


    Use ISFIRSTOCCURENCE as you have been attempting to do but only query the COUNTRY line item.


    To isolate 'ABC' filter the DEPARTMENT line item. Use the ISFIRSTOCCURENCE line item filter out duplicates.


    Save this as a new view and use this to create your list.


    However, what is missing here is a code. I would recommend that you create a text formatted line item and devise a way to create a unique code for each item before you use this to create your list.


    Good luck,






    However, you will need four queries to 

  • Hi @SaraBTIT ,


    My understanding is that you are trying to get unique user names for a specific department to build a list.


    I think you can build a filter module to input which department you want to export the unique names from. Use the input to filter the module where you have the user name. You might need to create a Boolean line item to check whether the department in this module is the same as the one in the filter module. Doing this, you might not be able to automate the build of the list as it depends on the selection in the filter module.

  • @ChrisAHeathcote @andre.lie  Thanks a lot, really appreciate your advices. I'm still trying to work on it. The challenge is to get unique list from a list formatted line item which has multiple dimensions.  Had also tried to build an independent module by using FIND argument, it didn't work yet. Will keep you posted if any results. 

  • @hari.prasad  Hi Hari, thanks a lot, that's very smart and insightful. Problem solved! Appreciate the help from all of you!