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Numbered List Reset

Hi Colleagues,


In one of our Model we are using couple numbered lists and we are giving the users the possibility to insert new lines with a create action. Now I am setting up a new model for 2020 and I am trying to make some cleansing through the model, and would be great if I can reset the counting to start back from 1. 


I did went through previous topics and seen that I have the possibility to reset if only after it reaches 899,999,999 million. Is there any other possibility? What if I un-tick numbered list and put it back? Will this reset the list? If so, will it impact anything else? Actions/line item formulas, considering that I already deleted all the items created in the past year in the numbered list. 


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Re: Numbered List Reset

@Alexandru.Rosca ,


To answer one of your question, resetting the numbered list to a "regular" list and then flipping it back to a numbered list will not reset the internal numbers.  Let me ask you something, why are you wanting to reset the numbers as they really shouldn't be seen by the end user.  Are you not using the code?  I get you are using a create action by the end users (which does not offer the ability to create the code), but what I have used in the past is to update the code (where blank) in a different process.  Sometimes I will create a "Save" or "Submit" process where the first thing it does is update the code of the list.


Can you tell us a little more about the list and what it is used for?