Automate Process Running in Anaplan Model


Automate Process Running in Anaplan Model

Hi Guys,


Is there an easy method of scheduling process running in Anaplan? Our consolidation process is not live and requires data pushes through inport actions within the model - that we need to run  at certain hours. Basically we would need to open Anaplan model and run the process that we can even attach to a welcome cockpit to make it easier. 


Just saw CloudWorks, but I am not familiar with it. Can it achieve the desired result? Are there alternatives? 





Great question. Anaplan doesn't have a built-in scheduler but, as you correctly stated, you can use Cloudworks if you have an AWS account. The permissions will take a while to get set up but you'll get up to 25 actions you can automate. 

Alternatively, you can just set up a script to run on Windows, preferably from a server because the script won't run if your computer is turned off. Here's an article that shows how to schedule today's date every day into Anaplan using AnaplanConnect and Python. You can use either.


Jared Dolich