June 16, 2018 Release Discussion

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June 16, 2018 Release Discussion

Do you have feedback on the June 16, 2018 Anaplan platform release? Share your thoughts below!

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Very excited about Dynamic Cell Access!

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Love this release, som many great features in there, but my favourites are:


Notes: No more extra line items for comments, or dumping to Excel to add commentary.  Use these to explain the "why"

DCA: Game changing feature,This will massively simplify all areas of our modelling. Look out for a learning app and some tips and tricks to get you started. 

Split Composite lists on Imports: This should help us to optimise imports and avoid extra line items for calcs like ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE.  Also use a low level module to create all of the parent lists.

Enhancements to Users List: Enhances the ability to set filters for users and DCA access centrally

Undo Entry on Dashboard or Module: No explanation needed, Fabulous!

Images on Dashboards: Great enhancement and much requested 

Tooltips on Dashboards: This will be great for uncluttering dashboards.  Some instructions can be included as tooltips rather than text boxes

Search on Page Selectors: Yes, Yes, Yes!!!



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Hi Everyone,


Many kudos for this Release, most of the features will be used right on monday. 


I have an issue with the user list :

Also, if you're a workspace administrator, all users will soon be shown when the Users list is used as a dimension of a module. Previously, only data for the current user was shown.


On my apps, i still can only see me. Is there a way to activate this feature ?


Best regards,

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Excited about Dynamic Cell Access, especially with its uses for Workflow.


However, still cannot see all users in the Users dimension. Same issue which Damien has.

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I'm excited about these new features. 


I am, however, having the same issue with the User list and still only seeing myself. I would love for the feature to be opened up soon to see the entire list for my use case.



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Who would've thought you'd be exicted about DCA @DavidSmith?!?!


And search on page selectors... will streamline a horrendous piece of modelling i've got going on.

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Funny that!

Check out the "Dynamic Cell Access  - Learning App" in the App hub to help you get going


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Hi, we also mentioned that the 'Add image' feature appeared with the release, but we couldn't get it to work and also couldn't find any documentation on it. Is this now officially released or not? Philipp
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Hi Phillip

The instructions can be found here:


Hopefully this will help resolve your issue.  If you are still having problems, I suggest contacting support who should be able to offer more guidance

Best regards