Length of Service and Tenure

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Length of Service and Tenure

Hi, I'm currently having trouble figuring out the Length of Service List and Tenure columns in the SYS08 Sales Reps Details module. There is a Length of service module already built, but it is blank. So I am unsure what to base the population of this column on. Also, I built a Reps tenure range module to calculate the the tenure of each sales rep but I am struggling on how pull this back into the SYS08 Reps Details module. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


(SYS08 Sales Reps Details module)


(Length of service pre-built module)


(Sales Rep tenure range module)







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Re: Length of Service and Tenure


A few steps need to pull this data across into SYS08.

  1. Update the summary settings in QU08 Sales Reps Tenure.Tenure Band to LASTNONBLANK.
  2. Use the following formula in SYS08 Sales Rep Details.Length of Service List; =QU08 Sales Reps Tenure.Tenure Band[SELECT:TenureBandList.All]


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Re: Length of Service and Tenure

Thank you for the response, Chris. I have managed to solve the issue.