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Linking formula



Please see details on the attachment.



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Re: Linking formula



In your write up dimensionality of the modules are missing. However let me go ahead with one of the three assumptions


Assumption 1 - Code is a list formatted line item in source and dimension in the target 

Assumption 2 - Code is dimension in both the modules

Assumption 3 - Code is a list formatted line item in both the modules ( Highly unlikely as you said it is without duplicates in target module)


Below approach is based on Assumption 1


Source Module : Dimension - Test List

 Line items - Code (List formatted)

                     Stat(List formatted)





Target Module - Dimension - Codes

Line item - Stat (List Formatted) and write the formula as shown below. It will pull all the first non blanks from the source module 

IF ISNOTBLANK(Source Module.Stat[FIRSTNONBLANK: Source Module.'Code.']) THEN Source Module.Stat[FIRSTNONBLANK: Source Module.'Code.'] ELSE Stats.Unsold




Assumption 2 - It is Straightforward/ Just refer the source in line item 1 and create another line item on top it and say if it is blank then unsold else Line item 1

Assumption 3 - Although highly unlikely, you have to find a relationship between the dimensions of target module and source module and then use LOOKUP based on that


Hope this helps






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,Re: Linking formula

Hi Misbah,


Appreciate that you take time in providing me some insights on my issue. I created a code so I can link it to the Target Module.

Here is the scenario, the Source Module has the Source Mod List (transnational with duplicate entries) and the Target Module has a filtered version of the Source Mod List but without duplication.  See below.



So the issue I have right now is that the code that I use in the Source Mod List does not accept duplication there I cannot capture all RU TEXT(Code) to link it to the Target Module. I also provided the formula that I just replace it with a different name since I cannot use the original list due to confidentiality. Feel free to correct my formulas.




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Re: ,Re: Linking formula



I just want to correct the previous screenshot. Please see below