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api v2 - POSTMAN examples

I am sorry for not posting these POSTMAN examples sooner. You can download the attached file and import them into your Postman. 

There are over 30 examples of different ways to hit the API. and this is for those users who are not using cURL. 


These range from Exports, Imports, uploading data, and reviewing dump files.  

I hope these are beneficial.


NOTE: you may have to update the file extension from .txt to .json. Anaplan community does not all .josn

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Re: api v2 - POSTMAN examples

Thanks Jason for both V1 and V2 examples.

Very, very helpful.



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Re: api v2 - POSTMAN examples

I'm curious about this one:




I tried it recently and confirm it with R&D: this endpoint doesn't exist in 2.0

Did you manage to make it work or is it a mistake ? 

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Re: api v2 - POSTMAN examples

I actually had a conversation with my rep today. the endpoint Workspace does return a result, however what I was told is that the result may not reliable. 

Also the endpoint of models that works in version 1/3 does not work at all in version 2. 


it was nice to be able to see all those values without have to open up the model.  Not sure why it is not current available.