Announcing The Master Anaplanner Program 2020 Maintenance Requirements

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The Master Anaplanner Program formally launched maintenance requirements, effective starting calendar year 2020. Participation is required for all members who wish to retain their designation as a Certified Master Anaplanner for the following year (2021) and will continue on an annual basis thereafter.

The Master Anaplanner Certification is a relevant and trusted designation of experts in the Anaplan ecosystem which requires members to meet certain standards to continue to qualify for and retain this esteem. As the program enters its fourth year, we take our responsibility very seriously as stewards of the program to make sure that a current Certified Master Anaplanner is always a true Anaplan expert, regardless of when they were certified. This naturally led to the idea of maintenance requirements, so the entire ecosystem has insight into the impact and expertise of the Community.

The Master Anaplanner Program will continue to evolve and support a strong and thriving ecosystem of model builders and Anaplan champions.

invisible.pngThis maintenance program is built entirely around rewarding impactful contributions and providing a stage and spotlight for Certified Master Anaplanners to shine! We’ve valued different contributions based on the impact they have on the ecosystem and the effort involved to complete them, which include items from speaking at Anaplan’s Connected Planning Xperience to sharing knowledge through best practices to engaging with users in the Community. Think of this as a rewards-program-meets-excellence-requirements.

Certified Master Anaplanners are the pioneers of Connected Planning who are building the best practices within the industry. They are technical experts that represent the top 1% of Anaplan users, and in their everyday jobs evangelize the platform by architecting and deploying innovative Connected Planning solutions.

Certified Master Anaplanners will continue to amplify their voice, share their stories, and propel the forward momentum of the Anaplan platform. In addition to these engagements, they will need to maintain a base level of training and stay active in their Anaplan models.

The Master Anaplanner Team has been thrilled to host such a great community of planning experts thus far. We always have a great time showcasing their contributions to the ecosystem, and we look forward to having an even bigger year next year. Thank you, Certified Master Anaplanners, for all you do, and keep up the amazing work!

Maintenance Requirements Overview:

  • Participation is required to maintain Master Anaplanner Certification for 2021.
  • Contributions must occur in calendar year Jan – Dec 2020.
  • Points are collected by opting-in to engagement opportunities.
  • The deadline for completion is Dec 31st, 2020.

For complete program details, visit The Official Master Anaplanner section in Community. We appreciate your feedback. Tell us what you enjoy most about being a Certified Master Anaplanner in the comments below!