Defining Anaplan Add-ins, Add-ons, and Extensions

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We have simplified the terminology we use for Anaplan Add-ins and Add-ons. In order to provide complete clarity about these products, “extensions” now represents the product family for the individual Anaplan Add-ons and Add-ins. The blog below breaks down the new naming details and best practices.


Extensions diagram.png


Individual product names

For individual products, we use the third-party's standard terminology:

  • Microsoft uses the word "Add-in". The official Anaplan product names are “Anaplan Add-in for Exceland “Anaplan Add-in for PowerPoint”.
  • Google uses the word "Add-on". The official Anaplan product name is “Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets”*.

However, it is also acceptable to reference these products as their shorter, more commonly used names, such as Excel Add-in, PowerPoint Add-in (and bundling the two together as Office Add-ins), and Google Sheets Add-on.

New product family name

"Extensions" is our new product family that refers to all of the Add-ins/Add-ons listed above that extend the capabilities of our Anaplan platform. You can also use “extensions” to refer to all of your Anaplan Add-ins and Add-ons, or as individual extensions:

  • Anaplan Extension for Excel
  • Anaplan Extension for PowerPoint
  • Anaplan Extension for Google Sheets

What about plug-ins?

We do not refer to these products as plug-ins. Although the term is a valid, commonly used industry term, it is not used by any of the third-party products we work with.

What about third-party Add-ins/Add-ons?

This terminology is unclear, as it implies that the Add-ins/Add-ons are developed by third-parties, whereas Anaplan develops the extensions mentioned above.

What about Add-ons for third-party products?

Although this term is technically correct, "Add-on" contributes to the confusion between Add-in and Add-on, so we recommend using "extensions" instead. 

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Hi Magali,

Thanks for sharing this update! I wanted to know if you have additional information on potential business use cases with the PowerPoint Add-in? Any resources you can direct me to would be super helpful. Thanks!

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Thank you for your message. You can find some examples on this page.

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