Ability to clear text formatted cells on import

Ability to clear text formatted cells on import

Description of the enhancement:

The two options of "Clear target prior to import" and "Only update imported cells" are not sufficient, as if you select to clear all, it clears ALL the text, not retaining any previous info, and if you select "only update imported cells" you do not have the ability to clear any cells, only update them if it contains text in the source.

The customer is importing a file with blank values for the text cells in the source file, which they want to use to overwrite what is currently in the text cells. Current behaviour does not overwrite the cells with the blank values.




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Description of the enhancement:
I'm trying to import blank values for a text field. Everything works fine, it is only, if there is a blank value, it is ignored. The requirement is to update a value in the cell with a blank using the import function.

We had "Clear target" option chosen for all our actions, initially. But it was causing data loss because most of our modules have multiple dimensions and users when uploading data were clearing other data uploaded by error.

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Workaround -
1) Create a "Clear Text?" line item (boolean) and a "Blank" line item (text),
2) Create a saved view with the Blank line item and filtered on Clear Text? = True. 
3) Create import action from saved view.
4) Add True and False fields to data file. 
5) Create two import actions that 1)Import True into 'Clear Text?' and 2)Import False into 'Clear Text?'   
6) Four step import process: 
    Import True into 'Clear Text?' 
    Import from saved view
    Import False into 'Clear Text?'   
    Import data without clearing data.