Ability to disable Update notifications in Excel/PPT Add-Ins

Ability to disable Update notifications in Excel/PPT Add-Ins

Description of the enhancement required: Allow disabling of Update notification in Excel/PPT Add-Ins.

An example of the enhancement: An Administrator could determine whether End Users should receive the Update notification in the Excel/PPT Add-In.

A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process): We have several users having this prompt and have all logged calls for it to be resolved with our service desk. Our normal process would be to get the new packages, ask a user to test the updates over a day or 2 then update the rest of the users from SCCM (a deployment server)

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In Excel Add-in 4.0 onwards, the notification is not a pop-up but a red dot in the ribbon, making it less intrusive.

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