Ability to see who added/removed a user in the model history

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Ability to see who added/removed a user in the model history


See more information on users added and deleted, and who performed the action

Example of enhancement:
There is no information about the person who deleted/added another user in the history log.
For example I added and a deleted user, but I can't track who performed this action because there are blanks in the User column (it should be my account in this example).

It's very important information for us as an Anaplan Centre of Excellence Team. It is a critical BUG and security gap. We can't see who changed access which easily causes information leakage when somebody can give a modeler access to some other 3rd party and then take it away 1 hour later and we won't have any information who did it. Please fix it urgently. Violation of CARM controls.

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Great news! This is now available as part of our Audit functionality.


Please find out more on Anapedia here: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Administration_and_Security/Tenant_Administration/Security...

Status changed to: Delivered

Although this is now available via Tenant Administration, it is not available to other Workspace Admins.  This is still a critical security gap for all entities that do not have Tenant Administration.

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@Glen_Prager @AnaplanIdeas Re-flagging that this ticket has not been delivered. Is there a new thread that re-raised?