Additional Argument for TimeSum

Additional Argument for TimeSum

I would like Anaplan to add a new optional parameters for Timesum. The formula would look like this, 

TIMESUM(x, [f] , [t], [a], [at], [ar])


  • [at] stands for aggregation type (simple, year on year). If omitted, default to simple
  • [ar] is the resulting value in absolute amount or percentage growth. If omitted, default to the absolute amount

This would be helpful in optimizing the formulas that are getting multiple years of historical data as the basis of calculation. Currently, I am doing it using nested IFs per year of data then collate those results to get the expected outcome.


For instance, 

simple, absolute amount=Timesum("Line Item.Revenue", Jan 18, Jan 19, Average,Simple,Absolute)
 Average of revenue from Jan 18 to Jan 19, resulting value in amount
simple, % growth=Timesum("Line Item", Jan 18, Jan 19, Sum,Simple,Growth)
 growth of revenue for period of Jan 18 and  Jan 19, resulting value in percent
yoy, absolute amount=Timesum("Line Item.Revenue", Jan 20, Mar 20, Average,3,Absolute)
 Average of revenue for Jan 18 to Mar 18;Jan 19 to Mar 19;Jan 20 to Mar 20, resulting value in amount
yoy, % growth=Timesum("Line Item.Revenue", Jan 20, Mar 20, Average,3,Growth)
 Average of revenue for periods Jan 18 to Mar 18;Jan 19 to Mar 19;Jan 20 to Mar 20, resulting value in percent


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