Bulk Copy in Versions through Actions

Bulk Copy in Versions through Actions

Hi Team,


We get request from customers where they have multiple versions of Budget like maintaining it quarterly.

Like Budget should be open like

  • Budget V1 : Jan Onwards
  • Budget V2: April Onwards
  • Budget V3: July Onwards
  • Budget V4: Oct Onwards

However, When we switch between the versions we should be able to copy the data from previous version from dashboard itself instead of going to model setting and do the bulk copy.

Can we consider this as future roadmap please .


This would be a big win for those that do a lot of versioning. 

Also, I think this is the 4th or 5th idea submission for this. Hopefully, we can consolidate them all into one.




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Hi @Chamanpreet and @JaredDolich 


I completely agree with this idea and have put my support forward for both! 


This would be incredibly useful in sensitivity analysis. 

Also this would be incredibly useful in users being able to create new items in lists and then copy across inputs from other list items. 

However this could also be very destructive so there needs to be the ability manage which types of users have access to this type of functionality. 

'With great power comes great responsibility' type of scenario. 







Absolutely @usman.zia .. Looking forward to see live in coming future after complete and through analysis

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