Make Bulk Copy between Versions an Action

Currently our team EVERY WEEK, has to bulk copy the current version to the previous version because there is no way to automate this.  That is 52 manual interventions every year.  If you could create an ACTION that would allow you to bulk copy and have user select source version to target version, than we can schedule an informatica job to run this and avoid any manual effort on our teams part.


Is there any plan to do this in the future?

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This would be amazing. Without this being 'actionable' then we have to create a separate action for every module that has editable line items.

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I like this idea as it gives greater flexibility to end users for What-If analysis (without being dependent on their admin).  Ideally there would also be the ability to create Actions to Insert or Delete versions as needed. 

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This is totally a feature I would look forward to have as a action to be added to administration dashboards.

I was surprised this is not already available ^^

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