Cloudworks - Enable/Disable email notifications

Cloudworks - Enable/Disable email notifications

Administrators should have the ability to enable/disable and otherwise manage email notifications around their integration processes.


An example of this is when an integration job on Cloudworks is run with partial failures, an email is always sent (even if the failures don't disrupt the data in the process).

Certified Master Anaplanner

These partial failures (mismatched records) frequently are known and expected. They do not stop the bulk of data to be passed correctly. It would be great if my email box was not clogged every few hours with these emails. Thanks!

New Contributor

Completely agree! It is very misleading to get the same vague "Cloud works integration broken" email even though the integration was indeed successful.

Group Leader - Employee

Hello there, I'm pleased to announce that CloudWorks now supports a more robust notifications configuration, where you can add or remove your user as a recipient for partial failure states (as well as "failures" and "success" states); You can also choose to remove email as an option when receiving notifications from cloudworks, and choose only the "In App" modality.


For more information on this, please check out: