Code property

Code property

ITEM is not an occupied system property while CODE is. This makes the formulas ITEM and CODE not equivalent and thus inconsistent for Anaplan modelers. Since CODE() and ITEM() are very similar formulas, it would be nice to make their syntax similar.

The practice that we use to keep formulas simple is creating “item” property for each list in the models. It allows to write formulas more easily:

  • In modules I select Item property using mouse instead of typing in the following: Item(‘Long list name’)
  • In other properties of the same list I type just Item instead of Item(‘Long list name’)

Unfortunately, the same logic for the code can't be realized because:

  • a user-property called “Code” can't be created
  • a system-property “Code” can't be addressed

Please make it possible to create a CODE property for a list. Or rather make these (Item, Code, Name, #Id,  etc.) a hidden set of properties created by default for every List. That would make formula writing much easier.

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