Color Differentiate the "Write", "Read", "None" access levels for Roles--> Modules etc.

Color Differentiate the "Write", "Read", "None" access levels for Roles--> Modules etc.

On larger models, the list of modules, dashboards, actions etc. can become very difficult to sift through.  When setting user role access for these lists in Roles-->Modules, Roles-->Actions etc. it is difficult to notice issues because the whole list becomes just a sea of blue words, all of similar lengths.  


It would be helpful to a model builder if Anaplan somehow made the differences stand out more by either changing the text colors, or even better coloring cell's background to show a color based on it's value.  Here are two quick ideas:


One Idea:


Another Idea:




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I would seriously love something like this. Another idea would be to just replace the word None with a dash or blank - it would make it much easier to pick out the modules that do have access given.


Agree with @NoahJ . It's really hard to see the READ/WRITE/NONE at a glance.

Great idea.


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@David_Elston  Would also like to see the User > Actions tab made a bit easier to read rather trying to navigate a sea of ticked and unticked boxes!