Conditional Formatting on List item (in addition to line item)

Conditional Formatting on List item (in addition to line item)

Current conditional formatting is based on line items, in addition to this we like to have such possible for list items as well. E.g. highlight particular products, customers or months.

Conditional formatting on line items should still be possible in addition and if for a cell both formatting (based on list item and line item) would be applicable, then you should be able to choose what is the master.


In current conditional formatting set-up, Conditional formatting on list items is not easily possible. The only workaround would be implementing conditional formatting to each line item based on another line item. However this workaround will cause that you can't use additional conditional formatting on line items.

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Second this, conditional formatting on list items or the ability to tweek the colors of hierarchies levels would bring a great addition to nux boards displays