Custom page separation for dashboard PDF exports

Custom page separation for dashboard PDF exports

Description of the enhancement required:

Allow for page separation when exporting dashboards to pdf so that two published items may be printed on separate pages, back-to-back.


An example of the enhancement:
When selecting options for a PDF export on a dashboard, users would have the option to choose where the page separator is placed.


How would it help their business process:
When attempting to print a dashboard that has several published items that span multiple pages, it can be difficult to arrange them in a manner that allows for legible, well formatted output. If users had more control over where page breaks are placed, it would greatly enhance the functionality of this feature.

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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap
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We have the same issue at Cartier, it is crucial for us to have this enhancement done as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention and your help.