Display which users are currently working in a model

Display which users are currently working in a model

Description of the enhancement required:

Identifying active and inactive users based on whether they are logged in or not.


An example of the enhancement:

When a user logs in the system, there needs to be a field which captures that the user is active. If the person has logged out or no activity done for a period of time (say 30 mins), the field will show the user as inactive.


How would it help your business process:

In their capacity planning process, multiple users work on the same set of data to make adjustments to system suggested supply plan. In the model, currently there is a custom read/ edit mode which can be changed by users. If two people are working on the same dataset and both of them are in edit mode, then one user has to manually change the other user to read mode. The other user can be on holiday or not even logged in. This requires communication between them outside of the Anaplan platform. The system needs to identify if the user is inactive and if he is, then he would be put to read mode automatically.

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