Dynamic page selector filters, depending on other selectors

Dynamic page selector filters, depending on other selectors

Description: As a page builder, I would like to filter page selectors with a line item, which has dimension of other page selectors. This filter should filter page selector based on what's chosen in another page selector.


Example: Forecast input dashboard, products and customers are page selectors. Each customer has own set of valid products, which he wants to see in page selectors. Currently New UX prompts you to choose certain customer, where it'll lookup for filter values (see screenshot). It should be possible to choose "Current selection" to enable dynamic filtering of a selector.


Definition of done: Suppose we have a boolean filter, where products A and B filtered for Customer 1 and products A, C and D for Customer 2. If I select Customer 1 in a page selector, I should see only proudct A and product B in a product page selector. Similarly for Customer 2, it should be A, C and D. For total customers all 4 products should be in page selector.


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