Excel Add-in 3.2: increase cell extract count

In the current version of the Excel Add-in, it is not possible to create a connection to a saved view or module with a total cell count of the dimensions (rows x columns) greater than 1 million. Any saved views with hidden line items or filters applied will not have an effect on the view size and will therefore not connect. The current workaround is to move more dimensions to "Pages" to reduce the count of columns x rows and save this as a new view. However, this solution does not apply to modules with only two dimensions as the Excel Add-in requires at least one list in both row and column dimensions.


The idea is to remove or increase the cell count limit (preferably by a factor of 100) to improve the usability of this tool.

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This enhancement is a basic necessity for this tool to be utilized at all. I understand this tool may have been designed to facilitate reporting needs, but this tool has the potential to be very powerful if we had the ability to export more than 1m cells. 

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