Improve Process Completed dialog box to highlight any errors

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Improve Process Completed dialog box to highlight any errors

Description of the enhancement required:

I am experiencing an issue for Non- Workspace Admin users performing an upload process. After running the process the dialog box reports Process Completed Success but upon reviewing View Details you can see there were errors.

This is an issue for users who do not know that some of the imported values were not successfully imported into Anaplan


An example of the enhancement:

After loading a file with errors, the initial pop-up screen would give some indication of an error. E.g. "File was loaded successfully, but contained 10 mapping errors."


How would it help the business process:

The end users are on the business side, and when they only see "Success" there is no reason for them to dig into details. Because of this, it is also hard to hold them accountable for any errors.

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