Improved Formula Editor/Bar

Improved Formula Editor/Bar

If the following features could be added to the formula bar in Anaplan it would make model building and maintenance a lot easier!

  1. Colour coded statements and keywords (e.g. IF THEN ELSE, line items, constants)
  2. Ability to indent and enter new lines. Particularly useful for IF statements
  3. Keyword autocompletion
  4. Ability to add inline comments into formulae as in virtually all programming languages

I'm pretty sure that keyword autocompletion has been created already as an idea, however I have included this for completion.

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One upvote from me.

@Nicolas Cadier not sure if you knew about A+. It's a Google add-in for Anaplan that has these features and more.

Please note though, It's not supported by Anaplan and I can't vouch for the security. It also only works on the browser you add it to.

You might take a look at use this as a basis to develop your idea.



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A+ is something that I'm very much interested in! However, due to the fact that the extension is not supported and therefore potentially insecure, as you say, unfortunately makes it too much of a risk to use in development. 

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I would also like to see this implemented. I currently use the A+ extension but would rather see this as native functionality.


I'd like to add to another item to your 3 in the initial post.


iv. Ability to add inline comments into formulas as in virtually all programming languages


This would be a huge enhancement to readability of complex formulas and for maintenance.

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@JoeAnderson I like this idea! I've added into the list of ideas.

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Another vote for this functionality, due to the insecurity of the A+ extension.

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