Increase limit of row field when pivoting

It would be really helpful for myself and colleagues if more than just three items could be dragged into the row field whilst pivoting a module.


This would also be really helpful for zero suppression on Anaplan exports as well as saving the need to manipulate Anaplan exports in Power Query (or similar data transformation tool) to produce only one amount/values column.

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This may be an oversimplistic answer, apologies if this is the case, but have you looked at saving your exports as tabular multiple column? If you choose the option to omit zeros or filter based on a boolean you will create a more efficient data set in your export options, which of course can be saved and repeated based on the view you are exporting.


There is also the potential for pivoting and selecting to have restricted list member(s) selected - generally I see these as standard dimensions (versions, time, etc) - show up in pages? I have done this a couple of times before to solve for creating saved views that have multiple nested requirements. You should also be able to reselect levels to the leaf level in order to help with performance on those saved views should you need. In addition, if you have performance issues on a saved view, you can create a boolean line item to filter on so that you aren't testing for 0 within the filter function, but in the module itself.



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