NEW UX: Pivot

An important feature missing in New UX is user-friendly pivoting. Here are key problems:

  1. Pivoting (by non-admin user) is possible only in a saved copy of a page
  2. Even in a personal copy it requires from user a number of non-intuitive steps. For example in Boards:
    1. Click Edit this page
    2. Click Edit this card
    3. Click Back
    4. Select a custom view (usage of pre-defined Module views as starting point is not allowed!)
    5. Configure the required view from the very beginning

All this discourage users from using New UX. I tnink pivoting in New UX must be available by simple clicking an icon / menu option, as in classic UX.

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Agree, this is really critical to allow new UX to substitute old one. 

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I agree: New UX would really benefit from this.


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I think this idea makes total sense. 

An intuitive drag and drop approach, similar to other tools/competitors would be very nice. 

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