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NUX Control Worksheet Context Menu



I would like to be able to control the options available to users on the worksheet context menu. I am quite concerned that users can delete list elements from worksheet. As per Anapedia ( I understand that they can only do that if they have write access to the list. However, this is often the case, they have write access since they run certain action to update the list, to give an example. This way, they are able to delete list elements on worksheet as well.


I would like to be able to control which options of worksheet context menu are available to Users and have the possibility to disable some of them.


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indeed is dangerous to give access to "Delete" options to all the users, even the users have access to the list. 


Usually, the users have access to add new elements and the deletion of the elements should always be managed by admins that can check the impact of the deletion of an element to avoid losing historical data. 


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This is now possible while configurating the worksheet:

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This is a welcome enhancement, but an incomplete one. The switch is not restricted to Admins. If a user copies the page or creates a new one using their personal pages, they are able to navigate to the switch and turn editing back on for their personal page, thus allowing them to delete lines for the "production " module. This is a "leak" that should be fixed. Either don't provide the edit list ability at all to personal pages or else don't allow permission to be turned off at all by non-admins. Perhaps a "this feature is managed by your administrator " message would be appropriate.