NUX Show/Hide for line items as selectors under the grid

NUX Show/Hide for line items as selectors under the grid


the request concerns Line Items as Page Selectors in NUX.

It is great that we can use show/hide functionality when Line Item is displayed as Context Selector on top of the page. If I have 5 line items, but 3 of them are technical and I want to let users toggle only between two, I can do that. This also limits my options if I place the selector under the grid.

one grid.jpg

The thing we bumped into, is that when we need to publish two same modules with different selections it is not possible. For example, I want to show final volume in one grid, and let people make manual adjustments in the second grid. 

We cannot do that in one grid, because then we cannot filter on a nested dimensions with line items... (see: 


Therefore, it would be really great if we are able to use show/hide for each selector published under the grid.

line items.png


In Old UX, we were just able to select line items we want to show, pivot them as page selectors and just publish the view, but this is now also not possible (see:


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Thanks, @filip.sypniewski .  I would add that it would be nice to be able to have ALL of the filtering and column width formatting that is in the old UX in the new UX.  I am finding that I am having to use saved views in the model more often than not to populate the NUX pages due to complicated filters, etc. Then, when I need to make a change on NUX, I have to flip back to the model, rework, save and refresh vs. just being able to edit in the NUX.  In addition, I like the NUX conditional formatting options better than old, but I cannot apply them to a view that I had to create in the old UX (Module Views).  Is there a plan to migrate all the old formatting functionality to NUX?  Thanks, JZ

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