New UX: Ability to enter carriage returns on text fields

New UX: Ability to enter carriage returns on text fields

This seems pretty basic to request, but I'd like to be able to drop down a line or two in a text field, without having to use another text field (classic does this).  For example, in our classic model, all of our pages have a Single text field below the page's title that include something like this...


PURPOSE: (description of what the page is for, what a user is expected to accomplish on it)

INSTRUCTIONS: (step-by-step instructions to describe the basics of how the page works)


I ask for this feature because the minimum white space on text fields in New UX is enormous, so adding another text box for a single line of text is silly, and takes up a ton space on the page, pushing the data further down the page. The text fields appear to remain large regardless of whether I type a single word in small font. 


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I don't know if this was just a bug that someone fixed, but I noticed that this now appears to be working...I think this idea can be closed


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The question is for a text formatted field card, not a text card.  I have a comments box that needs to have carriage returns.  Even the clunky Classic method of CTRL+ALT+Return doesn't work.  Is there some other keystroke combination to enter a carriage return in a text field card in the new UX?!