New UX: Dependent Dropdowns on Create Forms

New UX: Dependent Dropdowns on Create Forms

We are in the midst of creating a PoC for a client to update their current planning process from classic to the new user experience, and want to take advantage of the create form, where we can add a project to their projects list in a specific subset, and make line item selections for the new project added.


Currently, any line item value that you add does not follow the dependent dropdown selections made from other line items. Is there a known workaround other than having fields published to a card on the dashboard after an item has been created?

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this is a problem for me too - Editing the item in a module after it has been created in a form respects the dependent dropdown settings, the form should as well.

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I confirm me too, i have the same problem.



Mikhail Plotnikov
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Yes, I have the same issue

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We have the same issue at a client.

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We are facing with the same issue. Do you think it can be included in the roadmap? 

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@BazdaSem  nice to see you! We're in different organizations now, but looks like we are facing same challenge 🙂

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yeah would be very convenient to have.

To be honest kinda MVP...


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Makes sense / Feels right. 

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