New User Experience UX Page Ordering

I am requesting the ability to order pages in any order we choose. Currently, the new UX defaults to alphabetical ordering of both pages and categories, but I would like the ability to order these in any way.


For example, our users navigate through a series of dashboards in the Classic view in sequential order (i.e. Inputs, Expense Overview, Allocation Reporting). In the classic view, I can order these in any order I choose in the Contents panel, but in the new UX I am forced to ordering these alphabetically (i.e. Allocation Reporting, Expense Overview, Inputs). This order is backwards, and the only work around would be some sort of smart labeling to force these into the order I need (Planning 1 - Inputs, Planning 2 - Expense Overview, Planning 3 - Allocation Reporting).


This is hopefully an easy thing to add to the new UX, and it would provide a simple improvement that would make migrating easier for our developers and end users.

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