SAP integration

SAP integration

Suggest to build native integration with SAP solutions. A lot of Anaplan customers use SAP solutions such as SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, SAP BW etc. and heavily depend on large amounts of data flowing back and forth into Anaplan. Integrating with these solutions often require an extra layer such as AWS or similar which then again needs to be connected to Anaplan using API. Setting up this data flow can be cumbersome and difficult to work with while other solutions and platform provide built-in capability to tap directly into SAP queries, tables, hierarchies etc.

Adding this capability will help customers utilize and speed up data integration and will therefore significantly improve the usability of and use cases for Anaplan.

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Of course SAP is a common ERP platform for Anaplan customers, and the easier we can enable connections to it the better.  Question to the Product team on integrations - can you please advise on our vision direction concerning integration to a particular ERP platform?  Anaplan is working on important initiatives on connectivity, and I know an important direction is on APIs for broad connectivity.  Do we see a more specific connection like this as part of our long term direction?

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