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Our company has been recently setup with SSO itnegration with Anaplan. Because of security measures, it had to be done. Now that SSO is there, the URL provided to our users is long and hard to remember. Users have to bookmark it. Issue at hand is that when users click on the custom URL, it changes to typical anaplan url after SSO is authenticated and this happens all behind the scenes. When users at this stage (or as a matter of fact at any stage) attempt to bookmark and later access that bookmark, they are taken to Anaplan's default login page which is not SSO compliant. They attempt to input SSO login/pwd and after few attempts (perhaps 3), they are locked out. There is no way for anyone to tell the user is locked out, even admins. And to make the story worse, we have to delete them the user workspaces and re-add them with tons of sutome setup in each workspace (entitlements). With 10's and soon 100s of users, we are bombarded with complaints already and leaving a very bad impression of the product and at the same time, our technical abilities to sort the issue out. Anaplan, in such exception cases where SSO is integrated,  should provide friendly URLs at the and ensure that when bookmarks are done, users are taken to the SSO integrated page and not the standard login. Note that for non-tech's a bookmark edit is a hastle and at the same time our users are all accross the globe.

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