Save to master dashboard when in run time mode

Save to master dashboard when in run time mode

Description of the enhancement:

As an admin, I used to be able to make changes to my dashboard at anytime then press save.

Now if I apply these changes, there is no more "save" button. Only an "edit" button, and it resets all the edits that you've already applied to the dashboard.

I would like to be able to save to master dashboard when in run time mode.

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Great news! This feature request was delivered in the November 17th release.

Read more about what was delivered in that release here:

For more information about dashbaord tools, see here:

And for more information about personal dashboards, see here:

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This is such a great enhancement, saving lots of rework I used to do when I would accidentally start making changes in runtime and have to reset everything on my dashboards. Thank you for including!