"Show history" for list items

"Show history" for list items

Currently one is able to export history in two ways:

  • As an admin: via setting "History" tab
  • Via a module. Selecting a cell or a range, one can get history for only the selected data.

I propose two other ways of interracting the history logs:

  • Via General Lists tab: For example selecting a List and pressing "Show history" you'd get a log of all adding/editing/deleting the list elements through any imports or manual actions
  • Via List menu: For example, if you select a list item when in List settings menu, you could get the log but that would contain only the actions that are applied towards this element accross every module in the model.

These logs might be interesting not only for admin, so if there's an option to give these reports to end users, that would also be of value.

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