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November 17, 2018 Release Discussion

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Re: November 17, 2018 Release Discussion

Is there a fix coming for charts’ time scale not being updated when adding an additional year to the model?

Soon many models are going to add an additional year and a fix to this issue would really save time!

Re: November 17, 2018 Release Discussion

Hi @david

This functionality has been flagged here


Vote for it to bump it up the priorities list


Also, have a look at this post



This may help

Failing that, one workaround is to re-engineer the data to be displayed to use a time range that extended past the current calendar - Coupled with the idea in the commuity posy, this negates the need to adjust the re-publish the chart (for a few years at least)

I hope that helps


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Re: November 17, 2018 Release Discussion

Thanks @DavidSmith! I gave as many kudoses as I could to the request :)


I have used a similar workaround with a time filter module where I set true before publishing the chart and then adjusting the filter formula for some time. Since the time ranges didn't exist last year I have to redo this also this year end.


Also, I have found it challenging to teach the customer to use this process when publishing/updating charts on dashboards themselves.