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Thank you for joining our February 2021 Anaplan Live! Spotlight. Our experts, @christophe_keom, @chanaveer_k, and @Stacey_Gibbens, spoke about how the latest updates to Anaplan APIs can benefit model...  Read Full Article
Learn more about the Copy Branch Workaround for the User Experience. Read Full Article
In 2021, we'll work to turn challenges into opportunities and drive transformative change! We'll fill the year with new ideas, bold plans, and big accomplishments. Read Full Article
We launched new features this month, including the ability to trigger actions on the mobile app, send dynamic notifications, and discover administrator console updates with granular model details. Read Full Article
Learn how our modeling techniques can create different structures to transform data, providing the specific view you need. Read Full Article
Learn how to subtract these values—positive values that need to be subtracted from totals—with sign conventions via Anaplan’s powerful modeling logic. Read Full Article
Learn from a detailed demo—setting up and modeling various time options, providing an easy-to-navigate experience for end users. Read Full Article
Our latest Anaplan Live! event, which catered specifically to model builders at every level, had a record turnout, with nearly 1,500 people registered from 38 countries, representing 346 companies. Read Full Article
The Anaplan Add-on for Google Sheets, an extension of Anaplan into Google Sheets, is now live! Read Full Article
We're excited to have launched some great new features this month, including the ability to comment on cards across web and mobile for stronger collaboration, the Google Sheets Add-on to contribute t...  Read Full Article
Govern, develop, and maintain apps from development to production Read Full Article
New Best Practice! This article works through how to manage the product lifecycle (governance, development, and maintenance) of your models, as well as apps built in the UX. Read Full Article
In order to continually enhance the Anaplan platform, Anaplan will occasionally require taking the platform offline for maintenance. In other rare instances, the platform may experience unplanned ser...  Read Full Article
In part two of the scalability blog series, we’re taking a closer look at the first important tenet—modeling that spans multiple use cases. Read Full Article
In July's Anaplan Live! Spotlight event, we discussed an issue at the heart of achieving Connected Planning: internally presenting Anaplan to new audiences within your company! Watch the video a...  Read Full Article
As organizations evolve, scalability—the ability to support greater demand without impacting performance—is critical to success. Read Full Article
In our very first Anaplan Live! Spotlight event, we talked all things Anaplan Helps! Watch the recording of the live event to learn how the program is helping support customers during this challengin...  Read Full Article
Get to know Jen and Yelena, amazing members of the New York area Pre-Sales team, in this latest episode of the Community Vlog! Read Full Article
A Center of Excellence Charter provides details of your Anaplan CoE’s mission and established processes that are best suited for your company. We have provided a charter template to help guide you on...  Read Full Article
An effective CoE Lead is someone who is cross-functional, visionary, and transformational. Learn how the evolution of this role is critical for a successful CoE.  Read Full Article
Do you want to know more about how predictive analytics can make Connected Planning easier? Our latest Ask Me Anything session with Deloitte's Nick Vandesype is NOW open! Post your questions! Anaplan...  Read Full Article
Get to know three amazing members of the New York area Customer Success team in this latest episode of the Community Vlog! Read Full Article
Lionpoint Group outlines ways in which model builders can enhance the performance of their models through a better understanding of how the Anaplan engine works. Read Full Article
Check out the questions and answers from our latest Ask Me Anything session. Chris Weiss, who runs our global strategy for customer Centers of Excellence, along with other CoE experts, answered quest...  Read Full Article
Miller Homes believes Anaplan is a game-changer with how they manage home-building projects. Read Full Article
International Women’s Day 2020 is upon us, and we’re celebrating the diverse and talented women of Anaplan in this year’s campaign of #EachforEqual. Read Full Article
We hope you enjoyed our overview of the Anaplan Academy, and we look forward to you enrolling in continued Anaplan education. Share your feedback on the Academy for Adam, myself, and the rest of the ...  Read Full Article
Get to know Beauram Hur, Master Anaplanner Engagement Manager, and Ameneh McCullough, Master Anaplanner Program Manager, in the third edition of the Community Vlog! Read Full Article
Bridging the Gap Between Connected Planning Strategy and Model Building Execution Is your organization using Anaplan to its fullest potential for scenario planning efforts? Is your company’s DNA accu...  Read Full Article
Let's get ready to function! Watch as Director of Anaplan on Anaplan Pierre Kerkinni goes up against Product Support Analyst Zach Fennessy to fight for their favorite function, discussing use cases a...  Read Full Article
Prework/requirements: The build-along activity will use the model built during Anaplan’s Level 1 Model Building course. If you’ve already completed the Level 1 course and have access to the model yo...  Read Full Article
Leave your questions below about Ian and I's discussion on data hubs! Read Full Article
Looking forward to hearing your feedback on our first phase of the Anaplan Talent Builder. Let us know your thoughts below, Community! Visit the Anaplan Talent Builder section here: https://comm...  Read Full Article
Thank you Kyle and Arjun for sharing their stories. Share your own story and questions below. Read Full Article
Thanks again to Zaf and Joanna for joining us in our fantastic New York office! What more would you like to know from this duo? Read Full Article
Get up to speed on the coming certificate depreciation changes with Jesse. Read Full Article
Unpack the makings of a successful Center of Excellence with Patrick. Read Full Article
Learn how Optimizer can help you "optimize" your decision making. Read Full Article
Follow along with Akhil's demonstration of the New UX. Read Full Article
Catch up on all the "buzz" around Anaplan honeycombs with Karl and Alistair. Read Full Article
Walk through Anaplan's New UX with two of its product managers, Steve and Dave. Read Full Article
Hear how the level 3 support and QA teams work within Anaplan from Nina and Harvey. Read Full Article
Learn how Anaplan's engineering team operates with Jason and Simon. Read Full Article
Learn how to provide a better user experience from Anaplan's very own UX team. Read Full Article
Listen to Magali and Andrew discuss the benefits and impacts of Master Anaplanners and Centers of Excellence. Read Full Article
Let David Smith guide you through the major highlights and key takeaways of the Planual. Read Full Article
Catch a demo of the New UX through both desktop and mobile views from Leigh Romeo. Read Full Article
Join the conversation with Paul, Usman, and Joanna as they discuss their successes as Master Anaplanners. Read Full Article
Borris Morris, Anaplan Principal Software Engineer, explains linear programming and how Optimizer allows Anaplan modelers to execute linear programs. Read Full Article
Young Bob Cratchit takes a hard look at how decision-making was done in the past and wonders how life is without Anaplan. Read Full Article
The Community Vlog is back! UX Design team members Greg and Mark share their insight on leading development with a customer first mindset. Read Full Article
We're introducing an additional, higher level of permissions as part of the New UX.   This will enable you to restrict access to app pages within the New UX, based on the existing roles in the u...  Read Full Article
Line item subsets are one of the most powerful and efficient features in Anaplan, yet one of the least understood. The COLLECT() function is probably the only “black box” function within Anaplan as i...  Read Full Article
Planning was scary for Karen, a supply chain manager for an international supplier of monster goods. That is until she learned about how Anaplan can help her accelerate decision-making. Read Full Article
Meet Nina & Rich from the L3 Support team in our very first Community Vlog. Read Full Article
My Pages - Coming soon   We had this feedback from customers:    "You would have high adoption if people could build their own dashboards and graphs - they can't do anything but click ...  Read Full Article
Simon Ritchie, Anaplan's Sr. Director of Product Management, answers popular questions about Anaplan's new user experience. Read the comments below the video to see the questions and answers submitte...  Read Full Article
The Planual provides a systematic set of standards for model building on the Anaplan platform. The rules in it are designed produce the most efficient, usable, and scalable Anaplan models, while dram...  Read Full Article
You may have heard about a model called a data hub, but perhaps you aren’t confident that you understand the fundamentals, primary functions, or considerations when architecting one. There are three ...  Read Full Article
Planual author, David Smith, provides insight into the newly launched planning tool.   Read Full Article
Master Anaplanners were treated to a custom CPX experience this year, connecting and sharing with others along the way. Read Full Article
Every Center of Excellence is unique in its function and composition. To help standardize Centers of Excellence across the ecosystem, and provide a strong starting point for the development of new Ce...  Read Full Article
Quick Filter and Sort updates have arrived!  Read Full Article
Preview the Quick Filter and Sort updates coming soon on May 7th, 2019.  Read Full Article
A new version of the Anaplan Excel Add-in is now available. Excel Add-in Version 3.1 is faster, more flexible, and more responsive, making it easier to display your data your way. Read Full Article
If you weren't able to attend User Groups Live!, you probably missed our Ask Me Anything session with members of our internal Center of Excellence. Check out the video below.  Host: Hannah Cho (...  Read Full Article
Check out what the panel had to say about this year's CPX! For more answers to your CPX questions, check out the CPX FAQs. Need more reasons to attend CPX? Take a look at the latest blog po...  Read Full Article
Santa's toy manufacturing and delivery enterprise is the largest the world has ever seen. With pressures on his supply chain increasing, can Santa keep up? Where can he turn when legacy tools fa...  Read Full Article
Have you had a chance to review the State of Connected Planning report? Interested in finding out what four planning trends we uncovered and what they mean for your 2019 business strategy? Now i...  Read Full Article
Tell us about your background and your role here at Anaplan. Pierre: For the past 4 years, I’ve been helping design, implement, and connect a number of internal use cases across multiple lines of bus...  Read Full Article
As globalization increases and markets continue to shrink, supply chains will become ever more complex, and with over 60 percent of companies currently considering Excel as their supply chain sy...  Read Full Article
Duncan Pearson, Anaplan's Chief Architect, joins us for this session of AMA. From planning to problem-solving,  Duncan's a key player in the Anaplan ecosystem. Tell us a little bit abo...  Read Full Article
A new and improved way to share your ideas with Anaplan is here.  Read Full Article
At this year’s Hub Comes to You Paris event, 12 teams consisting of Anaplan Partners met to compete in an exciting Anaplan hackathon. Estimated reading time: 2 mins. Read Full Article
Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been at Anaplan? I’ve been at Anaplan for a year and a half. It has been a blur, but I also feel like I’ve been here for a lot longer. Everyone ...  Read Full Article
Little and Often Would you spend weeks on your budget submission spreadsheet or your college thesis without once saving it? Probably not. The same should apply to making developments and setting...  Read Full Article
PLANS is the new standard for Anaplan modeling—“the way we model.” This covers more than just the formulas and includes and evolves existing best practices around user experience and data hubs. It is...  Read Full Article
David Smith has become a household name around here, well versed in all things Anaplan. For those that haven't had the pleasure of interacting with him yet, let us introduce you!  Tell us about ...  Read Full Article
Preview the forthcoming updates and enhancements for the December 9, 2017 release, including improved security and privacy options for import and export files, User lists, Dashboard updates, and...  Read Full Article
Announcing Anaplan Launchpad updates. Read Full Article