Managing Models


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Is there a way in Anaplan to get an export of all the models within a workspace? How are other people managing their models? I'm currently having to manually copy one model name at a time which is not efficient and practical given the number of models we have.


In addition, is there also a way to export all the users within a workspace? 


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  • @eshin_mfs 

    If you're looking to get the model names and sizes and such, you can just export to Excel from the module tab. If you're really ambitious you can use the new transactional API set.



  • Thanks for the response, @JaredDolich .


    Apologies if my initial question wasn't clear - I was looking for a way to export the list of the Models (the list of the 113 Models as per included screenshot), not the Modules within a Model.




  • @eshin_mfs 

    Oh, sorry. Yes you can use the standard API for that. Here's the Python script.

    # This script uses Python 3 and assumes that you have the following modules
    # installed: requests, base64

    import requests
    import base64
    from getAuthentication import userBA
    from getGUIDs import wGuid

    getHeaders = {
        'Authorization': userBA

    if wGuid:
        getModels = requests.get('' +
        getModels = requests.get(f'',

    with open('models.json''wb'as f:


  • Misbah



    If you are the Tenant Admin you should be able to see all the models within the workspace as well as across all workspaces on Tenant Admin Console.



  • @Misbah 


    Is there a way to export any of the information you see on the Administration Console? To my knowledge, I can only view them and copy/paste them.


    Thank you.



  • Misbah



    No I don't think so. You can export the Users though but not the workspaces