Seamlessly log a user in with SSO when clicking on an Anaplan link vs redirecting to the login page


Current State:  If a user does not already have a browser open with an active Anaplan session, they are redirected to the Anaplan front door login page when clicking on a URL pointing to a specific model or dashboard.  They can then enter their e-mail and click the "Login with Single Sign-On (SSO)" link to be authenticated using SSO.


Proposed:  From the URL, Anaplan should be able to identify the workspace, which would allow the appropriate SSO settings to be used to seamlessly log the user in.  Having to be redirected to the front door, click the SSO link, enter the e-mail and click "Next" seem like unnecessary steps that the user should not have to take.  

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  • Agreed! This is so important for us. My end-users have apparently a short-term memory (!) and keep trying to put in their email + password in the redirected page and it doesn't work because of the SSO. I spend already way too much time explaining how to log in, because Anaplan's redirection is confusing.

  • We just rolled out our first end-user App (very exciting!) and would very much appreciate being able to send the URL to specific pages WITHOUT confusing the end-user.  Because they are used to SSO automation, the mid-step of clicking the SSO login creates confusion. 


    It would be much more seamless and help us increase adoption if the URL could integrate the SSO login.

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