How does the Workspace Admin role get assigned, and why is it greyed out?




In the Administration App, what determines whether the Workspace Admin role is assigned to a user? I can't click on it - it's greyed out.



I wondered whether it might get ticked automatically if the user in question has the Workspace Admin box ticked in a model, but that doesn't seem to be it.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Misbah
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    It seems most of things are already covered here. But just wanted to check on one last thing which is whether the user is the default user or the visitor to your tenant. There is a separate area for Visitors, otherwise as @JaredDolich  mentioned there can sometimes be update issues between the Admin console and WSpaces.


  • @steve 

    Great question. To be honest there isn't much documentation on the admin console. I believe the Workspace Administrator role is set at the workspace level, so an existing WA would need to assign that. If you find a person with the WA you can see which workspaces they have access to from the Admin console but it will be greyed out.

  • Hi @steve @JaredDolich ,


    As Jared mentioned, currently you have to find a workspace administrator to add you to the workspace from the platform side.


    Also as a heads up, this process is about to change very soon with a new Anaplan feature release called CIM. Here is an article that explains the new process and release schedule in full detail

  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies.

    I already have to Workspace Admin role assigned to me in multiple workspaces. I'm trying to understand how to assign that role to someone else. I can't see a place do do it in Administration. I can go into a model, pull up the list of users and tick on the "Workspace Admin" check box for the particular user, but that doesn't turn on the Workspace Admin assignment in Administration.

  • Hi @steve,


    To do this you will need to open a model in the workspace which you want to add someone else. You can do this from the “models tab” in the menu on the top left of Anaplan, In the model there is a “users” tab. From there you can “add user” and enter the email address of the person you want to add. Additionally there is a “Workspace admin” toggle if you want to also enable them as a workspace admin.


    Here’s an official link that walks through the process. Hope this helps. 

  • @steve 

    That might just be synchronization issue as to why the checkbox doesn't show up. It's possible its on a batch job - @DaanishSoomar may know how often that runs but I'm sure it will show up. If it's not there tomorrow, then log a ticket at For me, I think the bigger picture is that the Admin console is not that intuitive and as @DaanishSoomar mentioned it will be getting an upgrade very soon to help make it more user-friendly.

  • Oh yes @JaredDolich


    Sorry I glossed over the note where you said you already tried the steps I outlined @steve. There is some delay in the sync between Anaplan and the Administration menu. I would do as Jared suggets and see if it is there by tomorrow, if not open a Support ticket. Though if it offers peace of mind, the model "Users" tab is the ultimate source of truth for this setting. So if the user is enabled there, then they will have the proper permissions. 


    Again, this whole process will be changing soon. 

  • Thank you both.

    @DaanishSoomar, what you're saying makes perfect sense, but I tried that and it didn't seem to work.

    Maybe what @JaredDolich said is right and I need to wait a while. I'll try it again and see if things are different in the morning.

    I take your point that this is going to change somewhat in the near future.


  • I think most of the solutions are covered, but one thing you will want to verify is that if you are the Admin for multiple tenants, you will want to make sure you are in the correct Tenant for where you permissioned the user.
  • Hey,


    I like the thought. However, I believe you can only be a Tenant Admin in the Tenant to which your user account is tied to. In other words, visitors cannot be Tenant Admins. 

  • @ dsoomar002 You are totally correct! In the event you have multiple accounts (i.e working in a consulting capacity), you'll need to verify that you are logged in to the correct account.
  • @Misbah 


    Ah, that's it. The user I was experimenting with was a visitor. If I make one of "our" users a workspace administrator within a model, their role assignment automatically starts to include the Workspace Admin role for that model's workspace.


    Thank you!

  • Misbah


    If you are able to get into Admin Console it means you are logged in with the right credentials. There can't be any other account which he will have to use/or which he can use in order to get into Admin Console  because No Person can be Tenant Admin for more than one tenant as mentioned by @DaanishSoomar 



  • @Misbah I meant if you have multiple accounts. For example you have an account for a client you are working for and you have an account for, is it not possible to be Tenant admin in both? 

  • Misbah


    Logically yes you may be able to do that by placing a request to Anaplan Support or your Customer Success Partner (which I am not sure if they will do it) but why would anyone want to make Visitor as a Tenant Admin.


    Moreover If there is already a Tenant admin I don't see any way of making Visitors as Tenant Admin from Admin Console.

  • Technically speaking yes this could be a technical explanation


    However, from my experience at Anaplan- @Misbah you are right. Generally it is advised that Partners or even Anaplan employees not be made Tenant Admins in our Customer's Tenants. This is because this opens up a lot of grey area in terms of who truly are "data owners" and who owns the Ecosystem in the Customer's Tenant. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, the Tenant Admin should always be someone who truly works at the Customer's Tenant. 


    To take this 1 step further, I know from my time in Anaplan Support, we always looked to see if the Tenant Admin or Workspace Admin giving approvals/permissions on Support cases, matched the email domain of the Client before proceeding with doing any kind of testing or copying of Customer Models. These are all generally advised from Anaplan because of the security implications that are involved when working with Client data- and this gets magnified when working with particularly sensitive Client data.

  • @Misbah 
    Makes sense. Thank you for the insight and education!

  • Misbah
    Options You are welcome. Remember we learn together we grow together:) Cheers