Docusign - Create Flexibility for Signing Order - Data Population

The Anaplan Docusign Integration currently has the following limitation: When the text fields are assigned to a non-first signer recipient, it will not work.  Only the first recipient can be assigned those text fields and the data from the model will populate.  


For companies that follow the signing order of 1) Employee, 2) Manager, 3) Whatever, this works out fine because the data in the models is usually based on the Employee list. 


However, Symetra Life Insurance is looking for a way to change the signing order to go to 2) Manager, 1) Employee.  This data does not populate due to the limitation mentioned above.  I imagine that there are many companies who are also looking for this flexibility in signing order without having to completely rework their processes and employee data tables.


IDEA: Allow the end-user to rearrange signing order while pointing at the correct employee information without having to re-write their models or re-map.

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  • Note: I am not seeing a way to edit my post.  In the third paragraph, I meant to write "1) Manager, 2) Employee."

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