An Anaplan Hash Function

There are times when a code needs to be generated in Anaplan and it would be really handy if we could use a simple hash function to do this (especially as Anaplan's code limit is 60 characters). 


The Hash function could be a simple one that allows input of text and generates a code limited to 60 characters or less.


it might look like: hash([text],[hash code length])


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  • How to use Hash number list 

    Territory name       Code    Hash Code
    Ind                       T03
    Aus                        T04 
    Eng                        T05
    Spn                       T06
    Frc                          T07
    Brz                         T08 
    Sng                        T09 
    here Hashcode should be like#1,#2....

  • I think you might be confusing a Hash symbol with what i am talking about; a "Hash Function":


    See this for an explanation:

  • Hello

      am got confused about hash is actually code

    Thanks for sharing ....

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