Google Sheets Add-on: Send formula driven figures back to Anaplan


The idea would be to receive information from Anaplan, have the ability to update the information using editable inputs (e.g increase sales forecast by 10%) and then send the result (of Anaplan data * 10%) back to the Anaplan module.

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  • Some use case to support the requirement:

    • Some users wants to have a more detailed planning than implemented in Anaplan and look for a solution in Excel to be combined with Anaplan. The cells for Anaplan should have a formula with sum/sumifs/lookup to the local excel modeled planning details.
    • Some parts of the planning process cannot be standarized. Think of contracts in real estate and in mining raw materials. Also think of tax planning where local tax regulation is something which is more not structured
  • Totally support this idea

  • This will really be useful.

    If Anaplan Google Sheets Add On could work with formulas and retain them after clicking “Send and refresh”, it would significantly increase Anaplan's user friendliness and ease the transition to Anaplan.

  • Mitul

    This feature is available in MS office & Excel but not in Google sheet, needs to be activated in Google sheets, which can support all Organisation which are using Google suite & not MS office.

  • Excellent feature if brought in…It will ease the life of resources who are using Google Sheets.

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