new ux and undo deleting users




I joined in march 2021 and I have 2 questions:


1 - if one delete users in a model how can these be retrieved? I tried using the history feature and restore but no joy - see attached image


2. The new UX feature; I cannot see this option in my models; I was told it may need to be switched on for me - please advise - see attached


thank u


ravinder basra



  • 1. You can not undo deleting a user. If reverting back to a historic model did not work then you will need to re-enter the lost user details.


    2. It would appear that you are only a user in the two workspaces listed. If you were expecting to be able to access other workspace then you need to be added to those workspaces as a valid user. 

  • Hi Chris


    thank u


    I cannot understand why if I delete users in one model from the same workspace; it would remove users in other models in the same workspace.


    Also please advise on the new UX feature I asked about





  • @RavinderB 

    What feature are you referring to.

    I assumed you were looking at the ability to switch between workspaces. 

    As such it would appear that you are only a user in the two workspaces visible in the screenshot. 

  • @RavinderB 


    The reason when you delete a user from one model, it deletes the user from other models within the same workspace is because the user provisioning is done at the workspace level, not the model.  You provision a user to a workspace, then from a model perspective you give that person access to the model, as well as roles and selective access within that model.



  • Hi Rob


    Is this not a security flaw?


    Surely there must be protection at model level also?


    I though removing users from my model in the workspace would only effect my model; not other models. This is not the case. I am now manualy adding users back in - a slow and tedious process.


    I would advise to look at security at model level.





  • @RavinderB 


    No, it is not a flaw, it is how Anaplan architecture works and understanding the architecture is key for any software product.  You have models encapsulated within workspaces which are encapsulated within a tenant.  The protection is before you delete a user, it asks if you are sure?  When you say yes, it will delete the user from the workspace.  If you only want to remove access to the model, instead of deleting the user, you need to set the user to No Access for the model.



  • thank you Rob