Data Hub to Spoke Automation - is it possible?


Our organization uses Mulesoft to get data from source systems into the Data Hub on a regular, automatic, scheduled basis and has been great. One of the issues we face having 4+ spoke models with 10+ data imports each from the Data Hub is that there is a lot of "button pushing" required on a daily basis. For example, Sales data comes into the Data Hub each morning at 4am, but unless the button triggering the import process in the spoke models is pushed every morning, this is not reflected in the models for end users. 


Is there a way to schedule these processes to run automatically within Anaplan? Where the spoke models run the process to import the data from the hub automatically? Across our Anaplan ecosystems we are looking at up to 60 of these processes needing to be ran daily, and we are expanding...

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  • rob_marshall



    Yes, you can absolutely do that.  I must admit, I am not a Mulesoft expert (I have never played with it), but in Anaplan Connect as well as Informatica, you simply connect to the spoke model to run the action.  So, in Mulesoft, you most likely have a series of jobs pulling the data in from the sources.  After those are finished, create another action/process (in Informatica I believe it is called a bundle) to connect to the spoke model to pull the data in from the data hub.


    I wish I could help more from the Mulesoft side, but the answer to your question is yes.